Big Blue Ball

Digital downloads go live with Big Blue Ball

We've just turned on our new digital download facility on the site. We are still in a pseudo 'soft launch' phase, only one product available so far as we want to deal with any teething problems and get some customer feedback before opening out the service.

The Big Blue Ball record has had such a long gestation, dating back to the famed 'Recording Weeks' here at Real World in the early 90's, that we though we would make it's delivery to the customer as fast as possible. Big Blue Ball is now available as a 320Kbs MP3 or in Apple Lossless format (CD quality, but roughly half the file size). Both options are DRM free and available for a very reasonable £4.99. Purchasers of the CD or vinyl versions also get the benefit of the download system as we now throw in the MP3 version of the album so that you get instant gratification whilst waiting for the joy of a package in the post.

If you do try it out, we'd love to know how it works for you.

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